About GDLF

Our firm is dedicated to protecting legal rights of workers in all counties of the state of California.  GDLF’s clients are plaintiffs/employees who have suffered workplace wrongdoing. Our firm handles Class Actions involving complex issues, as well as single-plaintiff cases involving an individual employee.  No matter how big or small the case, GDLF fights hard for employees’ rights and provides clients with individualized attention. 

GDLF was formed by attorneys Matthew Gutierrez and Amber B. Derham in 2014.  At a previous law firm, Mr. Gutierrez and Ms. Derham defended cases in courts in Northern and Southern California.  Our team collectively has over a decade of civil litigation experience - predominantly as defense attorneys, but now as plaintiff’s attorneys. Our defense experience provides GDLF with unique perspective and ability to more effectively resolve claims and cases for plaintiffs.

The firm takes pride in its ability to provide prompt, responsive and resourceful legal counseling and litigation representation.  Contact us today to find out how we may serve you.


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